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This personal web site is morphing from a specialized page
for builders of  Mosquito ultralight helicopters to a more general personal page.

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Phone: +1 480 699 7110
10845 N. 120th St.
Scottsdale, Arizona US

I'm "Scotty" in this Stimwave page
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A little personal information:

I am an electrical engineer and computer programmer specializing in embedded systems
 ( devices which have a computer embedded inside but
aren't computers per se, e.g. cell phones, car dashboards, microwave ovens etc. ).
I graduated with an MEE degree from Cornell University, Ithaca New York.

I like to design complete products: packaging, analog and digital hardware,
software, documentation, and manufacturing.

I now live in Scottsdale Arizona US ( Phoenix ).

Other current Interests and research subjects:

Free Energy, i.e. power sources that don't use any significant fuel
( other than perhaps a tiny bit of mass  itself  (E=MC˛)  ).

Let's be disruptive and do away with the petroleum-industrial complex and embrace clean abundant free energy for all!
While we're at it, let's promote rationality in the pharma-medical-inductrial complex and military-industrial complex also, and
open up the black projects to release all that wonderful technology that is being suppressed.

I've been involved with the small Irish company Steorn Ltd. since their first announcement of magnetic free energy devices
several years ago, am a member of their "Steorn Knowledge Development Base" ( SKDB )
and been doing related experiments since then.
Engineer verifies effect.

I'm looking forward to putting  their free energy motors into my Mosquito helicopter,
in my cars and powering my home with one.

One of my permanent magnet Steorn ORBO test fixtures:

Permanent magnet ORBO test fixture

Steorn's claimed power density of  4.5 horsepower per pound of weight
 ( based on their comparison to lithium ion batteries ) is very respectable.

Eventually, all devices will have self contained power sources and there will no longer need for an electrical grid at all.

Previously I did many experiments with the Pons-Fleischmann's cold fusion cells.  Here's a picture of my main heavy water-palladium-platinum
closed cell with hydrocap recombiner inside:

Hoyt's cold fusion cell setup

Helicopters: flying, building, design.

My old Rotorway Scorpion I        My new Mosquito Air ultralight    My high speed helicopter patent 4,720,059

Flying my Scorpion I        Finished Mosquito :-)                            High speed helicopter
See below for more helicopter details, especially my involvement with air pressure jet helicopters


A definitive three part article by Dr. Nagler's chief engineer Gene Liberatore discussing pressure jet helicopters:


Alternative physics: Dewey B. Larson's "Reciprocal System",
a unified theory of everything that can calculate physical constants and properties from

basic principles alone!

I was president for two years of the "International Society of Unified Science",
a group promoting the "Reciprocal System" of physics.
Some background:


This is the only paper that explains what a magnetic field really is, and also contains a remarkable new look at dimensional analysis:
The Dimensions of Motion

Other Reciprocal System websites:
Dr. Ron Satz' website
Early RS website
RS official website
Dr. Bruce Peret's website

Remote Viewing, project "Star Gate"  and Metaphysics:

Long before it was fashionable, I've been associating with people from the military's "Star Gate" remote viewing program,
and I can assure you that remote viewing (RV) is effective. RV changes one's view of physical reality and suggests different
much more efficient approaches to engineering, design and testing among many other things.
I'm a member of the "International Remote Viewing Association":

There's no need for security screening at airports or any other places at all,  just concentrate on the events or locations as designated by remote viewers in advance!

A wonderfully recursive double Star Trek SG episode that should make you think, and is actually true in some ways:

Star Trek Elementary Dear Data; Ship in a Bottle

Solar system anomalies:

Spend just a little time zooming and panning on NASA and other images from solar system objects and you'll find many anomalies!
You can see plenty of evidence of  civilizations and life on many solar system bodies.

This anomaly looks like a giant "Dune" like serpent emerging from a half-pipe on the surface of Callisto, where it's very very cold:

Giant worm in pipe on Callisto

Alternatively, look at these turtle like creatures on Venus, where it's very very hot  and rains sulfuric acid!:

A turtle on Venus        Second Venusian turtle

Lobster like claws on Mars

There are many websites about planetary anomalies, here's a couple:
More of my life images

My favorite Music:

The wonderful complexity of Led Zeppelin and magnificent melodic and complex symphonies of Gustav Mahler are two of my favorites.
I hear some similarities between them -- can you?

My animals:

Tucker ( Pembroke Welsh Corgi)            Sir Winston                                        Simon                                           The late Charlie Brown                                

Tucker (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)      Sir Winston    Simon    The ate Charlie Brown

Wife Wendy & Remembered pets

Wendy & Remembered animals

Quotes I like:

Sacred cows make the best hamburger.  -- Mark Twain

Everything in excess!
To get the full flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks.
        --Robert A. Heinlein

Hoyt A. Stearns Jr. building a Mosquito ultralight helicopter ( for other builders primarily ).

Email me:  Hoyt.Stearns@GMail.com

See my over unity free energy magnet motor experiments at:  Permanent Magnet motor experiments

Mosquito website

October 20, 2006 My parents and one brother visited. My father took these pictures of my hovering practice.
I still have less than one hour in this helicopter.  I'd still like to be able to fly without the roll bar, which I did to some extent.  I built some 1 pound toe weights, as it seems the helicopter is a bit tail heavy.  I'll try these soon.

Snapshot of Hoyt hovering from the hover practice video

More hover practice May 14, 2006 
The outside air temperature was 100oF ( 38 C. ). The engine ran quite cool and there was plenty of power.
I weigh 175 lb ( 80 Kg ), with a 12 lb ( 5.4 Kg bar on the back and a 4 lb (1.8 Kg) weight on the front toe. )

May 14, 2006 hover practice

April 8, 2006 video

First ground clearance test in my driveway Jan 1, 2006
Low resolution video

A slide presentation I gave twice in 1986  to American Helicopter Society meetings in the Phoenix, Arizona US area regarding
my torqueless electric air pressure jet  tip propelled helicopter ideas and an advanced high speed helicopter using the moments from an offset flapping hub and
shaft torque to unload the retreating blade.

See my historical material about Dr. Bruno Nagler and his cold cycle pressure jet helicopter projects
My Dr. Bruno Nagler pressure jet helicopter site

Completed ship:

Finished Mosquito :-)

Complete and tested :-)

Chronicle of building the Mosquito kit -- start to finish (about an hour of video)

Work in progress as of November 16, 2005.
The tail rotor and main rotor are installed.
The tail rotor is complete and adjusted.
The main rotor is ready for lead-lag adjustment, balancing,
and tracking.

Progress as of Nov. 16, 2005

Trailer and blade support solutions.
Work in progress as of April 15, 2006.
I constructed a highly customized trailer for the open cockpit Mosquito based on a Harbor Freight Tools foldable trailer Model 90154 (about US$300), Model 41005 trailer jack, Model 92860 winch, 4x8' 3/4 Inch plywood, lots of 3/8 bolts and others, 3/4" jack screw rod,8 foot 2x6's and 2x4's and iron angle bracket material. Here are some pictures: The blade is supported by 4" id ABS pipe with cutouts. Note a small aluminum member bolted to the hub for the front ABS pipe's fore-aft constraint. It is mounted on the bottom on top of the front toe pad. The rear ABS pipe merely clips to the tail boom. The blade rotation is constrained with a steel reinforced 2x4 wood block above the
small drive sprocket, as shown below.


Trailer Ramps

On Trailer side view

On trailer from right side front

On trailer rear view

On trailer another rear view

Two pictures of a block to constrain the rotor from rotation during trailering

Blade rotation lock

Blade rotation lock another view

Instrument panel with car altimeter and GPS
Instrument panel

A jack screw I added to tilt the trailer, mainly to allow clearance of the tail rotor
to the truck.
Trailer tilt jack screw

The trailer winch

Hoisting bar for winch loading

 Work in progress as of August7, 2005.

See the removable PVC pipe stick clip to hold the cyclic centered. I added the fuel pump, as I had problems with air bubbles in the fuel filter. I added a battery voltmeter to check if it needs charging. I added a bicycle brake lever to open the "chokes", which are really opening for more fuel to flow to the engine. They don't actually restrict the intake airflow.

Removable PVC stick centering restraint
Another stick restraint view

Fuel pump installation using 4" ID ABS pipe

Wiring underway end of May 2005

Left side view May 2005

Left front view May 2005

Left front closeup May 2005

Left rear closeup May 2005

     My custom designed ABS portable wheels (4.5 pounds for both);
aluminum "glove box" ( 4.5 pounds );
and frame to carry two 2 1/2 gallon "Jerry cans" (4.5 pounds) are emphasized here.

This entire assembly just clips to the airframe, there is no modification whatsoever
to the Mosquito airframe.
Construction progress July 22, 2004

Gas can holder assembly

Gas can holder detail mount view

Gas can holder installation view

Gas can installation view2

ABS pipe wheel mount tube

Wheel holder with wheel

Wheel installation position

Cargo container view 1
Cargo container view 2
Cargo container view 3
Cargo container view 4
Cargo container view 5
Cargo container view 6
Mounted cargo container
Gas cans and cargo container mounted
Gas cans and cargo container mounted rear view

Wheels, gas cans, and cargo container mounted

Wheels, gas cans, and cargo container mounted - left side

Here's my old Scorpion helicopter, N9066 with an Evinrude 100 HP engine.

Me flying near Falcon Field, Mesa Arizona US in my old Scorpion.
Me hovering my Scorpion