Hoyt A. Stearns Jr.: Some Historical photos I took.

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I befriended Dr. Bruno Nagler when he watched me learning to fly my single seat Scorpion helicopter without instruction.
He was a helicopter pioneer, and was actively promoting the concept of the torqueless helicopter, where the blades are powered
by compressed air blowing out the blade tips.  Those types of helicopters are very much simpler and safer than conventional helicopters.
(see the video linked below).   A while after he died in 1979, and seeing no further activities in the field, I worked to continue his dream,
resulting in two US  patents (4,702,437, 4,720.059 ).  The first was to improve the efficiency of the concept by putting electrically powered
cross flow fans inside the blades.  The second was a way, using an offset flapping hub to obtain much higher speeds by unloading the retreating blade,
using the moment on the hub to offset the lift differential between the advancing and retreating blades.

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Historical photos I took of Bruno Nagler and prototypes etc. at Nagler Aircraft Co., at the end of this page,  B.J.Schramm, Phoenix, Arizona about 1974.

Bruno Nagler & Employee in front of the Spur Cross mine, Cave Creek Arizona US
Bruno Nagler & Employee in front of the Spur Cross mine, Cave Creek Arizona US
A promotional brochure for the "Phoenix Air Jet helicopter"

Voljet pressure jet helicopter promotional video

Employee with incomplete prototype

Nagler rotor blades

Test pilot hovering Nagler prototype

Test pilot  hovering Nagler prototype

Nagler prototype instrument panel

Nagler's Vertigyro VG1 (Piper Pacer fuselage)

Employee with body mockups in Nagler prototype

Nagler's ram jet helicopter

Nagler turbine test stand

Bruno Nagler & Employee with prototype

Nagler's Vertigyro VG1 rotor head

Test pilot  flying prototype

Bruno Nagler at my house I was just moving in to.

Bruno Nagler around Spur Cross Mine, Cave Creek, Arizona

A Nagler prototype

The main investor in Nagler Aircraft (left)

Nagler's turbine test stand

B.J.Schramm next to his "Scorpion Too" helicopter

Hoyt Stearns flying Scorpion 1 around Falcon Field, Mesa Arizona US