Below are some crops of Mars Pathfinder images, and some
from Callisto and Venus. Some are 3D, using RED/BLUE glasses, red on
the left.

These bulbous rectilinearly reinforced creatures abound:

There are hundreds of these tent-like structures on Mars (and some on other bodies), often they are guarded by these half-plant-half-animals (Grelber Sentries)..
I call them "Grelbers" from the comic strip BroomHilda.

Viking anteater:

Giant "Dune" like worm creature on Callisto.
Note "half-pipe" he's emerging from.

This is another serpent guarding the rectangular trapdoor with
the pseudo rock on the left which may be a camouflaged cover for
the opening. this is in the foreground of "Wedge" There are several
more rectangular openings to the underworld, see "TwinPeaksGlyph" in
the wash. It has a rectangular grating covering it and the sun is
shining into it. Storm drain? VVVVV

Lion head just behind rock "ender" toward

On our moon.  It looks like a giant fossilized insect.  See the mandibles in front?

Pipes on rock;
Wrecked vehicle;
airfoil in background.

Two Venusian turtles. Even though venus is 800F and
rains sulfuric acid! From Venera 9 and 13, the Russian

Viking Eel

"Cecil". This creature must have moved. The image on the right is taken
further right than the one on the left. Now he's facing the camera!
These creatures seem to emerge from rocks with two circular
holes in them.

Some of the many "Rocks" that are really animals.
More to come. "Dragons" can be clearly seen in most
Pathfinder images. I've identified about 22 different kinds
of animals, including turtles..

Careful examination of the 3D images from Pathfinder show numerous "pipelines",
that are often coaxial pipes extending for great distances, often draped over
arroyos, sometimes buried. There are also numerous "strings of pearls", or
hovering white spheres in a line a foot or two off the ground, as if joined by
an invisible fiber in tension.

Enhanced Global Surveyor images can often show pipelines going from
the bottoms of craters, up over the edge, and off to "developments"
Look carefully in "Big Crater"

There are also lots of "animal debris" trails of pebbles in straight lines.

Pipes embedded in rocks
This is "Ender" from behind.

<--- What's this white spot on Shark?
It isn't there on many other Shark pics.

Looks something like a turbofan engine.
It's an example of many of the coaxial pipes on Mars' surface and buried. One of my hypotheses is that these
are umbilical cords that life has used to carry oxygen.
Some others are that they are roots, or a biological
energy source derived from thermal expansion/contraction
from day to night. There's no evidence of photosynthesis
on the surface, so something else is probably used.
It seems probable, from Rover APXS measurments,
and appearance, that Mars life is silicon based,
and may run on a much slower time scale than we do.

Martian Pterodactyl? It looks like
a Cardassian warship in mineature.